Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hodgepodge May Days

 Looks like these three were taking advantage of a great spring day in the shade with a snack. Cheers!
Colin got himself a new pair of shorts, and is pretty much rocking the look.
 And presenting...Micah!
 Matthew had a field trip to the Clark Planetarium. We got to sit in the dome theater and watch a show about the planets and moons. I learned a few things!
 Since Micah was off track, we got to have him join us. He is a cool guy to have along.
 Too dark...
 Too bright. Oh well.
 Micah wanted to make his time off track meaningful, so he set a goal to go the temple often. He and Jackson Pearce went together quite a few times. I'm so proud.
 I made cinnamon rolls for Sabrina Aglin's YMAD fundraiser so she can go to India this summer. My two plates pulled in $50 a pop! I so appreciate those who bid on them. And I'm glad to have been able to help her cause.
 Looks like Matthew got hold of my camera!
 And took this silly one of me:

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