Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I'm on the Emergency Preparedness committee with Lanissa Bell and Sophie Rice, both of whom are terrific, and I love serving with. This month I was put in charge of posting on our Cobble Creek Neighborhood Preparedness Facebook page about 72 hour kits. This is one picture I took of my own kit to post, hoping to encourage others to get theirs together.
We have the best grocery store in the valley, I am sure of it. It's new and beautiful, but more importantly, it has fabulous customer service, thanks to Bruce Butcher. He has his own Bruce at Smiths Facebook page, where he takes requests and provides service to his customers. Matthew and I went into Smiths to do a little shopping, and happened upon Bruce while he was handing out melon samples. We got to try a casaba melon. Yum! He took a photo of us and posted it.
Here is the man himself:
Mira got a cute new haircut for summer. She loves it, and it looks adorable. I've just got to take her in to get it point cut because it is a little choppy. But she looks great with the slight A-line and stacking in the back.

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