Monday, June 1, 2015

Matthew and Mommy

 While the older siblings were at school, Matthew and I went to Jungle Jim's to have a little fun on their $2 Tuesday! At first, he wasn't interested in any of the rides. Instead, he played in the bouncy houses. Finally, I convinced him to try out the rides. (He is not a daredevil when it comes to amusement parks.) He loved the rocket (above), and we waved to each other with each pass. The merry-go-round was fun, too. He refused to try the swings (like Turn of the Century at Lagoon, but on a smaller scale) or the bumper cars.
 Matthew somehow bumped his head good and it started bleeding (just a little). It was hampering his normal activity, but once I wrapped it in gauze, the tears subsided, and he started to feel better. I love the magical properties of bandages on kids!
 This was a shot I got of these three with the Easter Bunny at Gardner Village. Ella had been to Ashlynn Hanna's birthday party there.
Mira helped me do a little Easter shopping. When we got to Kohls, we were on the hunt for a fedora for Micah. She tried on this one and looked too cute.
Micah cracks me up sometimes. Lucky him, he was due for his 12 year-old well child check up. He was dreading the shots he knew were coming. He gets panicky whenever it comes to needles or eyedrops. Unbeknownst to him, the check up also included a thorough physical, which I disclosed to him only once we were inside the room. He was mortified, and wanted to hightail it outta there! But Dr. Wonnacott is very professional and cool about things. He survived. When it was time for the shots, he let the medical assistant know that he wasn't looking forward to it. He needed four shots, I think. After the first one, he realized it wasn't as bad as he'd anticipated. Here is his "after" picture. "Oh, yeah. Shots? Done!"

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