Friday, June 12, 2015

Matthew Grows

Matthew has had his Strider bike since his birthday last year, and it really helped him learn how to balance. We knew he was on the brink of being able to ride a two-wheeler, but we didn't think we had one his size. It was on his birthday wish list. Well, one day we get out of the car in the garage and Matthew looks over to the bikes and says he'd like to try the clown bike. Now, this bike is not easy to ride. Yes, it is his size, but you have to pedal quickly in order to keep it going. I wasn't sure he'd be able to manage it. I shouldn't have worried. He started slowly, riding it in the garage and around the driveway. Quickly he transitioned to the street, and just rode and rode. It was completely awesome to watch. He was so proud of himself. We since realized that he fits onto Micah's bike. We took that bike over to the Ron Wood ball park parking lot and he did about a hundred huge loops around and around the lot. He was so proud of himself. He was in love. When I asked which he liked best: riding his bike or jumping on the trampoline? He was torn! By now, he and I will go on rides together. I'm on rollerblades, and he leads the way around the neighborhood. Yesterday he took me all the way to Arctic Circle, and he enjoyed a courtesy cone. What a stud.
We got to see Matthew in his end-of-year program at Little Learners. His teachers this year have been gems. Miss Karli and Miss Aubrey are so cheerful and kind. They have made Matthew feel excited to go to school. The program was a hoot. They sang broadway songs, and some of those kids were shouting our the lyrics just like they'd been trained, haha! Grandma Barnett and Aunt Amber came, too. Grandma took us all out for ice cream afterwards. 

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