Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mini Reunion

Blake and Maren made a trip to visit, and we were so glad. Immediately, the cousins got busy with playing. Hunter had us all laughing at different times with how adorable and funny he is. The kids like to recall how he was dressed up as a Care Bear, and Grandma asked for a kiss. He replied, "I'm a Care Bear, and Care Bears have no lips."
In the basement, they rearranged and used lots of imaginiation.
 We made campfire cones one night, which everyone thought were yummy. We filled them with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and bananas. Mm!
 The whole group met up at Thanksgiving Point's Curiosity Museum. (Minus Colin, who didn't want to miss school.) It was a lovely day, and we explored inside, then headed outdoors. I've got an instant classic video of Chad flapping his arms like a hummingbird as quickly as he can.
 I think the sand box was the kids' favorite place. Maybe we should have gone there first! They didn't want to leave.
 The adults relaxed in the shade and visited. The weather was lovely.
 After we left the Curiosity Museum, we went over to the Tulip Festival at The Gardens. This is something I've always wanted to come to. The grounds are beautiful, and we just took an easy stroll around the paths.

 Amber! She and the tulips discussed their wardrobes before meeting.

 Maren and Blake's reinvented engagement photos:

 So many ducklings in the pond! We were all mesmerized by them and the fish in the pond. Those fish were some greedy suckers over any food tossed to them.

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