Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mira's Field Trip to the Aquarium

 I got to be a chaperone on Mira's 2nd grade field trip to the aquarium. We'd never been, so it was a fun adventure. The only downer was that Mira was on crutches the entire time. She'd hurt her foot when doing a handstand at the bottom of the stairs. She whacked it right into the door. Mikell Gardner was over at the time. Thankfully, the Hakansons have a set of crutches they lent us (not the first time!). Mira put on a brave face, but she was worn out.
 I was in charge of these four cuties: Hinckley, Mira, Mikell, and Maya Flores.

Both classes together:
 And again with Mrs. Shimp and Mme Desmet in the center back:

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