Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Scales and Tales and Stuff

These cuties spend a fair amount of time together. (Mira, Victoria Howe, Ella, and Ashley Lesh) Ella and Mira were both so sad to learn that Victoria will be moving in just a little while. They have loved living next door to her, and being on the same track so they could play when off-track. She's been a sweet friend. 

 Scales and Tails in Midvale had a free day for Pass of All Passes holders, so we checked it out. The kids got to hold snakes, tarantulas, touch tortoises, and see scorpions and crocs.
 That's a tarantula on Colin's shirt!
 The folks who worked here were happy to let you get your hands on just about anything. Pretty cool!
 Ella was completely at home holding snakes. She wanted to get her hands on as many of them as she could. In fact, eventually the kids tired of being here and headed out one by one. She was nowhere near ready to leave. I was rather surprised!
 Afraid of snakes? Not this girl! We all love to remember how Mira held our sand boa, "Bowie" and even gave him a kiss when she was 2.
 Fun to see and touch this monstrosity.
 Micah signed up for flag football for the first time this year. He was so gung-ho! Here he is with Chad, running some of the plays he wanted to practice. He had a great season. His coach, Aaron Reed, was wonderful and just made it fun. He'd tell the kids the first three rules are 1. Have fun, 2. Listen to the coach, 3. Speed! Micah had a really positive experience and looks forward to playing again.
 His team was the New England Patriots, and doesn't he just look like a stud here!

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