Friday, June 12, 2015

Exchange Student: Pauline Guilhon

We are lucky enough to get an awesome exchange student from France for a few weeks. Pauline Guilhon from the area of Grenoble, where she currently teaches elementary school.
She has been so easy to have, and has even prepared some delicious meals for us. Above, she made a soup with lentils, leeks, and carrots. She brought a couple different kinds of pate over for us to try. I wondered what they kids would think about pate, but they all really liked it! Below, she made a savory cake with ham, cheese, and olives inside. Yum!
Pauline enjoys sitting in the backyard while she relaxes and prepares her lesson for the next day.
We took her on a drive up the Alpine Loop. The day was lovely. She took lots of pictures!
 We stopped at Cascade Springs, which is always a treat.
 We saw a couple of snakes, and Micah wanted to find one himself and pick it up.
 I love my sweet boy!

Sunday morning, we took Pauline to Temple Square to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform. What a difference to hear them in person! We were all impressed. Because Matthew is under 8, he and Chad sat in the Assembly Hall and listened to the broadcast.

 We took a tour of the Conference Center, which was interesting. Pauline was pretty impressed by the its size.

 Her father sings in a choir, so she wanted to show her family what she got to experience.

 The roof is always the most anticipated for the kids. It's amazing that this heavy rood can sit atop the structure and there are not pillars underneath holding it up.
 I love this family picture Pauline took for us. Look at how tall Colin is! I measured him last night, and he is 5' 10 1/2"! I didn't realize he was that tall. Wow.
We thought it would be a fun family activity to go to the Oval and do some ice skating.
 This was going to be Matthew's first time. I didn't know how that would turn out, but I figured it could be fun!
 Oh, yeah!
 You can see Matthew has no concerns about trying a new sport.

 Micah and his goofiness!

 Pauline was happy that she was able to skate, seeing as she hadn't done so since she was 9.
 Lots of fun!
 Helmet on!

 I was Matthew's partner. At first, I had to really hold him up. I wondered if we'd be able to last very long.
 We spent the first part of the time glued like this. Or holding onto the wall.
 Ella enjoyed herself.
 I don't know where he gets these expressions.
 Whoops! Lots of spills, but Matthew figured out how to fall and how to get back up himself. Pretty soon, he was skating without any help from me!

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