Friday, July 24, 2015

Mom and Aunt Shelley Visit

Mom and Aunt Shelley came for a visit, and while here, went over to Huntsville to see their cousin, Anita Dutson.
 We also got to celebrate Independence Day with them. No 4th of July is complete without patriotic faces!
 Oh my goodness, are they adorable, or what?!
 While painting faces, Aunt Shelley asked if I'd paint her face. And then she coerced Mom, Chad, and me to paint our faces. Grant requested a Captain America shield on his forehead. I love this picture!
 We went down the street to Bishop Pearce's house for fireworks.
 And Colin's doing his favorite thing in the world: lighting off fireworks! He put on quite a show for us. He and Orion working together:
 The next day, before Mom and Aunt Shelley headed back to St. George, we went to Thanksgiving Point Gardens. It was as beautiful as always. We walked around and admired all the lovely things growing. We spoke with one of the gardeners to find out the names of several trees and flowers. We sat on a bench and visited. It was nice.

Field Day and Party

 Field day dawned bright and toasty. It got hot fast. Matthew and I headed up one game on the field. We were in charge of Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe. That turned into Frisbee Golf and 500, which was fun. Ella and Micah were out there with their classes. Thankfully, there were some water games too cool them off. 
Micah's and Ella's teachers, Ms. Brown and Mrs. Pruyt, started a water war with each other. The kids loved that!
 Ms. Brown drenched!
 Later that afternoon, I got to go into Micah's classroom to run the class party. They split up for games of charades, Apples to Apples, and Pictionary. Then the whole 6th grade class played Musical Chairs, which they went bananas over! Micah was sweet with Matthew, including him in what he was doing.
 We ended the party with huge root beer floats and signing autograph books. It was a success!
Mira with Mme Desmet in the empty classroom:
Mira with a few of her friends on the last day of school. (Aria, Mikell, Alyssa, Mira)

Creation and Cousins

 Micah's class worked with straws to build a bridge that would support as many dictionaries as possible. He was really proud of his and his partner's creation, so he took a picture of it to remember how cool it was.

We had the cousins come down to play. The girls (Maggie, Paige, and Juliette) are drying in the sun with Matthew.

Matthew Turns 5!

 Matthew woke to streamers, balloons, and gifts. He was pretty stoked to be turning 5. And I love that his brothers and sisters are even more excited for him! 
His big gift was his perplexus, which he had been wanting ever since Micah got the original Perplexus. In fact, we went to Smiths together to do some shopping, and I tried to sneakily put the Perplexus Epic on the bottom rack of the shopping cart. But he managed to get a glimpse of it. And from that moment on, he kept asking me who it was for, why I was buying it, and could he please play it? Since then, he's spent hours and hours working on it (and Micah's). Currently, his record is 98, and boy, is he proud!

He has also been asking for a soccer ball for a while. But not any soccer ball. He wanted the classic black and white soccer ball. I think he thinks it is more authentic. We gave him a gift certificate to go to Boondocks, which Chad took him to. He played laser tag, did the bumper boats, played mini golf, did the arcade. Chad said it was fun to watch Matthew at the arcade because once he used up his tokens, he continued to "play" on the arcade games for quite a while.
 And here he is, working the Perplexus:
 Chad took a few pictures of Matthew at Boondocks having fun:

And, of course, ice cream to top off the fun day.

 What is Matthew like these days?
*His favorite things to do are jump on the tramp, swim, and ride bikes.
*His favorite buddies to play with are Phoenix and Alyssa.
*He loves to play with the hose, fill up the pool, and spray his sisters!
*Dinnertime is getting better. He tries more foods. Some days are better than others, but we're getting there.
*He is the cutest dancer. The other day we were at a gym with loud, thumping music playing. He just started breaking out in dance, happily jumping and moving. It was completely adorable.
*The iPad is his wannabe best friend. He loves to play Hungry Shark at the moment. (He still enjoys Minecraft, too.) I am grateful for the timer on the iPad so I can have it automatically shut off after a designated amount of time.
*His current favorite song is Papaoutai by Stromae. He likes to move to that one. 
*Bedtime usually means he wants Jack up in bed with him. He just loves Jack.
*He has 2 jobs a day he is supposed to do: typically taking out the small garbages, walk Jack, wipe the table, etc. 
*Matthew gives the best hugs and kisses. He makes my heart swell.

He was really looking forward to having a birthday party with his friends. We had to have it a few weeks after his birthday due to vacation, holiday, etc. But he'd wanted a water party in the backyard. I asked the girls if they would take charge of the games. They were such good sports and planned musical chairs; water gun fun; rock, paper, scissors, water; and jumping water. Their own made-up games. It was pretty cool. The kids had a lot of fun with it. And, honestly, the best thing was that they were totally entertained by the water and tramp and being together. I served lunch, and then they just went out and played.
 We had Kyle Harris, Phoenix and Alyssa Badger, and Sammy Aguero.
 Matthew with Phoenix and Alyssa:
 With Kyle Harris:
 Sammy Aguero:
 Time to blow out the candles!

Chad's 38th Birthday


Soccer games are in full swing. Saturday mornings are busy with three games in a row, Chad coaching all of them, and setting up nets. I love watching them play. We talked to Mira about possibly trying out for competition soccer. She's vacillated between wanting to and not. She finally decided to go for it, and promised us there would be no complaints when it's time for practice. Once she gets out there, she kills it and has a great time. Colin has decided to make this his final year playing soccer. He wants to focus on tennis, in hopes that he will be on the high school tennis team next year.
 Micah loved taking this picture of me (he told me to look back like I was terrified) and superimposing it with the dog. Ha!

Ella and Mira and their friends Victoria Howe and Ashley Lesh:
Micah and Chad running some football drills. Micah really liked his flag football coach and team. He was focused on learning the running passes.