Friday, July 24, 2015

Mom and Aunt Shelley Visit

Mom and Aunt Shelley came for a visit, and while here, went over to Huntsville to see their cousin, Anita Dutson.
 We also got to celebrate Independence Day with them. No 4th of July is complete without patriotic faces!
 Oh my goodness, are they adorable, or what?!
 While painting faces, Aunt Shelley asked if I'd paint her face. And then she coerced Mom, Chad, and me to paint our faces. Grant requested a Captain America shield on his forehead. I love this picture!
 We went down the street to Bishop Pearce's house for fireworks.
 And Colin's doing his favorite thing in the world: lighting off fireworks! He put on quite a show for us. He and Orion working together:
 The next day, before Mom and Aunt Shelley headed back to St. George, we went to Thanksgiving Point Gardens. It was as beautiful as always. We walked around and admired all the lovely things growing. We spoke with one of the gardeners to find out the names of several trees and flowers. We sat on a bench and visited. It was nice.

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