Friday, July 24, 2015


Soccer games are in full swing. Saturday mornings are busy with three games in a row, Chad coaching all of them, and setting up nets. I love watching them play. We talked to Mira about possibly trying out for competition soccer. She's vacillated between wanting to and not. She finally decided to go for it, and promised us there would be no complaints when it's time for practice. Once she gets out there, she kills it and has a great time. Colin has decided to make this his final year playing soccer. He wants to focus on tennis, in hopes that he will be on the high school tennis team next year.
 Micah loved taking this picture of me (he told me to look back like I was terrified) and superimposing it with the dog. Ha!

Ella and Mira and their friends Victoria Howe and Ashley Lesh:
Micah and Chad running some football drills. Micah really liked his flag football coach and team. He was focused on learning the running passes.

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