Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back Home

Now that we're home from McCall, we are getting back into the swing of routine. Kind of. The girls missed their first week of 3rd and 5th grades. They were anxious to meet their teachers, about whom we only hear glowing reports. Matthew was so excited to start his kindergarten year with Mrs. Clegg.
 He gets a little silly at home. He found my star sticker collection and decided he needed every single one from the sheet on his clothes. Micah was his co-conspirator. Now I am finding rogue stars in the carpet, on the tile.
 Mira and Chad had Razzia practice last night and wore their spiffy new jerseys for the first time. Mira looked the part with her outfit. She's such a doll. And Chad looked handsome in his coach's jersey. They had a great practice. Mira got her arm stepped on with cleats at the end of practice when kids were goofing off. She went to bed with that and then awoke with a terrible kink in her neck this morning. She toughed it out and went to school anyway.

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