Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pioneer Day with Cousins

 Doug and Rachel and the cousins came down to celebrate Pioneer Day with us. Rachel came Friday to allow the kids to have time to play together. I've noticed with regularity that when Micah and Grant get together, the Xbox and computer are put to good use. In fact, they'll wake before everyone else in the morning to get a head start on their gaming! The kids also get imaginative in the play room. They'll disappear down there for a long time playing, dancing, singing. I love that they do this together!
Matthew, Juliette, and I played a mean game of Yahtzee together.
 Chad, Rachel, and I took Matthew and Juliette on an evening walk to the park where they played at the playground together.
 Shirlayne Harris invited us all over to her house for fireworks. They generously shared Pop-Its and glow sticks with the kids. They had fun with those.
 The next day, Saturday, Doug drove down to join us. He joined me for a class at the CrossFit gym I just joined. (Much thanks to Mom and Dad for sponsoring me!!) It was so fun to do the workout together. I love my brother. While we were doing that, Chad and Rachel packed up lunches for the rest of us to take up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Silver Lake. It was a right warm, beautiful day. Micah brought his fishing pole in hopes of getting lucky. I love this picture:
 Silver Lake is gorgeous. I love that there's a boardwalk around the lake for an easy stroll. In addition, we went on a one-mile hike to Lake Solitude.
 Cute cousins!
 The scenery made the hike so enjoyable: trees, wildflowers, animals.
 Micah wasn't having any luck catching fish, but the guy next to us (in the khaki vest) sure was. He let each of the kids have a turn reeling in his line. He gave Micah a container of power bait, which was the best bait for the lake. What a sweet guy!
 Micah ended up bringing home a few fish, which he looks forward to cooking up.
 Theron was pretty happy with her catch!
We had a nice picnic lunch at the lake. It was a great day!

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