Tuesday, August 4, 2015


 Chad and I have enjoyed several date nights on trails recently. We have hiked Ensign Peak, the Living Room Trail, the Three Sisters (Mary, Martha, and Catherine) Lakes, and Silver Lake. We were just in time on the Living Room trail to make it to the top for a pretty spectacular sunset.
 So nice to get out of the house, just the two of us to enjoy a little more vigorous hike.
 Micah's good friend, Alex Howy, moved to Bountiful after the school year ended. Micah got a chance to spend a day at Lagoon with him. (It's pretty convenient that Chad can drop him off on his way to work in Ogden.) They had a fantastic time together!
 Matthew had his kindergarten checkup and shots, then made a stop by Smiths to get some groceries. Bruce stopped and chatted with us. When he heard that Matthew got shots, he treated him to his choice of a donut. Sweet!
 She loves the outdoors and nature. Tree climbing is on her list of talents! She brought chair cushions to the branch of our honey locust to make a comfy spot to sit and read.
 We have taken advantage of our Kearns membership this summer, and have gone swimming several times. Matthew just gets more and more comfortable and skilled in the water. He's perfecting the backfloat.
 And Micah loves to play around!
 These are amazing wildflowers from a hike Chad and I went on up to Lake Mary. I couldn't get enough. In my head I was singing "The Sound of Music!"

 On our way out of the parking lot, I saw 2 moose only 15 feet away from me. Thought they were cows at first!
 The Natural History Museum of Utah had a day open to the public, which we took advantage of. The kids loved coming here last summer. There is so much to see! Colin was not with us because he was at tennis camp. I wish I had pictures of him there. He loved tennis camp, his counselor, his roommate, and the other boys in his group.
 Here is the one and only picture we have of Colin at tennis camp. Chad sneakily snapped this on his way out after getting a text from me reminding him to get a picture of Colin! Colin, we love you.
 The kids are building with some magnetic toys at NHMU:
 And climbing inside a tortoise shell:
 Micah melts my heart. He is affectionate and sweet. He loves his dad.
 After NHMU, we headed to Liberty Park for some water and play. I have told Micah he has the best abs in the family, but he's too modest to show them off!
 Cute kids! They are good to each other.
 Micah was invited to go fishing with his friend, Strider Fontaine, at Daybreak. We discovered that a fishing license for a 12-13 year old is only $5. Great deal! He caught a couple of small fish and was super excited to cook them up. With butter and lemon pepper, the trout were delicious.
 Ella is quite a beauty. She takes good care of her long hair. She enjoys the length, and likes to have it styled sometimes. This particular Sunday, she wanted to get on "Cute Girls Hairstyles" to find a new 'do. I thought this turned out beautifully:
 I love the back with the braids and long curls. Scrumptious-looking hair!
 And these two look like quite the dapper couple. Micah got the suspenders and bow tie from JCPenny with his own money. He loves them.
 Who doesn't like to earn money? Micah has been racking his brain, coming up with ways to earn extra cash. Yardwork is hard, and pulling weeds is not his favorite job. So he and the girls went through the toy room and pulled out everything they wanted to sell. They didn't have any luck on this day, but I think they may try selling toys again on a Saturday morning during garage sale hours.

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