Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Date Night

 Sometimes we just need to escape the monotony of life. Take a little break from a house that looks like this:
And I love the feet that fit these shoes! I don't mind that we have a pile of shoes under our bench, or that box of soccer gear on top of the bench, the backpacks and jackets overflowing the bin.

But I love a chance to get away with Chad and relax. We went to an RSL game.

CrossFit Helo

Doug started talking to me about my CrossFit experience over the course of a few months. It had been 6 years since I'd done it. And I missed it! I was fortunate enough to be offered a membership by Mom and Dad. Doug had put a bug in their ears, and they called me with the surprise. I couldn't believe it. I've been going faithfully for a month, now, and it so hard but so rewarding. This is me, sucking air while waiting for my turn during a partner WOD (workout of the day).

My big accomplishment this week is that I did 9 double-unders in a row! This is something I haven't been able to do before. For a while, I was doing a single, then a double. But Aletio, the owner, said if I wanted to get a double-under, I needed to just do it because I was training my body to only do it single-double-single-double. I still have work to do, because the rhythm is new, but I'm getting there!

Ella's Daddy-Daughter Date

 This was about the best text I've ever received:
We told the kids they would each get a date with one of us. Chad would take out the girls, and I would take out the boys. Ella was first up. Chad planned a fun surprise date for them, which he revealed to her little by little as their date progressed. They started with dinner at Chick-Fil-A, then headed to the State Capitol. Ella was excited about this! She said she loves going to the capitol. Chad had scheduled a tour, and they got to see a lot. Overlooking the rotunda:

 That is a girl who feels special!
 The next step in their date night was Gilgal Garden. We'd told the kids about this place. Ella was the first to see it. They spent just a little time here, checking out the statues and looking around.
 And the date was topped off with some Arctic Circle ice cream, so we can safely say this date night was a complete success! Ella got to spend some awesome quality time with her dad, and she was the queen for the evening. We love you, Ella!


 Matthew got to go to the playground with Dad on his day off. I got these cute pictures texted to me:

 One of Matthew's favorite things to do is reenact "American Ninja Warrior." He'll head out to the backyard and have either Chad or me announce for him. He usually starts at the swingset, going across the swings like Tarzan. My announcing usually starts like this, "And here we have Matthew Barnett, out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Matthew has been practicing every day with his older sister, Mira, who happens to be competing herself today. They built a replica of this course in their own backyard so they would be prepared to compete today. And here he goes across the ropes. He's got to be sure his grip is strong. Many an opponent has fallen here..." Matthew eats it up! He'll continue his course onto the trampoline, up the honey locust tree, across some rocks in our garden, etc.

And here is my big helper wiping the table after dinner. He especially enjoys doing jobs on his own terms. He often offers to take out the garbage and recycling. I hope he always does, ha ha! Some of his jobs around the house consist of collecting all the small garbages, emptying the dishwasher, taking Jack for a walk, washing walls, picking up the play room, etc.

Razzia USA Cup

 Mira's Razzia team participated in a 4 day soccer tournament. A game each day and two on Saturday. It was hot, and they were pretty spent by the time it was finished (we all were!), but they won for their age division! They played really well. There are some great soccer players on the team. Chad enjoys coaching them.
 Back row: Chad, Kallin Banza, Ian Singleton, Juan Arbizo, Samuel Robleto, Assistant Coach Carlos Robleto.
Front row: Brenna and Hayden Arauzo, Mira, Rowen Johnson
 Silly picture:
 Mira receiving her medal for the trournament:
 Every player should feel good about how they played individually and as a team. They are so fun to watch. There are tense moments, and one stands out in my mind as being funny. At one point, our team was so close to the goal, and our players were trying to get the ball close enough to make it in. There was some passing around, and Samuel's mother got so excited, she was shouting and started to run onto the field as if she was going to help them score. Ha!
 How does it feel to be number 1? Woohoo!

Start of Elementary

These two pretty things on their first day of school. Hard to believe Ella's in 5th grade now! They were working these outfits!
Miss Brown-Eyes and Miss Blue-Eyes.
 One evening we had tickets to the Scera outdoor theater in Orem to see "Crazy for You". We sat on blankets on the grass, had lots of snacks, and enjoyed the music.
I'd promised Matthew an ice cream cone before school one day. He wasn't about to let me forget that. I had to make good on my promise! It made going to school that much sweeter.