Tuesday, September 1, 2015

CrossFit Helo

Doug started talking to me about my CrossFit experience over the course of a few months. It had been 6 years since I'd done it. And I missed it! I was fortunate enough to be offered a membership by Mom and Dad. Doug had put a bug in their ears, and they called me with the surprise. I couldn't believe it. I've been going faithfully for a month, now, and it so hard but so rewarding. This is me, sucking air while waiting for my turn during a partner WOD (workout of the day).

My big accomplishment this week is that I did 9 double-unders in a row! This is something I haven't been able to do before. For a while, I was doing a single, then a double. But Aletio, the owner, said if I wanted to get a double-under, I needed to just do it because I was training my body to only do it single-double-single-double. I still have work to do, because the rhythm is new, but I'm getting there!

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