Tuesday, September 1, 2015


 Matthew got to go to the playground with Dad on his day off. I got these cute pictures texted to me:

 One of Matthew's favorite things to do is reenact "American Ninja Warrior." He'll head out to the backyard and have either Chad or me announce for him. He usually starts at the swingset, going across the swings like Tarzan. My announcing usually starts like this, "And here we have Matthew Barnett, out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Matthew has been practicing every day with his older sister, Mira, who happens to be competing herself today. They built a replica of this course in their own backyard so they would be prepared to compete today. And here he goes across the ropes. He's got to be sure his grip is strong. Many an opponent has fallen here..." Matthew eats it up! He'll continue his course onto the trampoline, up the honey locust tree, across some rocks in our garden, etc.

And here is my big helper wiping the table after dinner. He especially enjoys doing jobs on his own terms. He often offers to take out the garbage and recycling. I hope he always does, ha ha! Some of his jobs around the house consist of collecting all the small garbages, emptying the dishwasher, taking Jack for a walk, washing walls, picking up the play room, etc.

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