Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Razzia USA Cup

 Mira's Razzia team participated in a 4 day soccer tournament. A game each day and two on Saturday. It was hot, and they were pretty spent by the time it was finished (we all were!), but they won for their age division! They played really well. There are some great soccer players on the team. Chad enjoys coaching them.
 Back row: Chad, Kallin Banza, Ian Singleton, Juan Arbizo, Samuel Robleto, Assistant Coach Carlos Robleto.
Front row: Brenna and Hayden Arauzo, Mira, Rowen Johnson
 Silly picture:
 Mira receiving her medal for the trournament:
 Every player should feel good about how they played individually and as a team. They are so fun to watch. There are tense moments, and one stands out in my mind as being funny. At one point, our team was so close to the goal, and our players were trying to get the ball close enough to make it in. There was some passing around, and Samuel's mother got so excited, she was shouting and started to run onto the field as if she was going to help them score. Ha!
 How does it feel to be number 1? Woohoo!

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