Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Boys' Overnighter + Narrows Hike

The boys have expressed how much they enjoy all things survival. They've said they wanted to go on a backpacking trip. Chad had a little time off so he planned a trip for them. They left after Chad worked and drove to St. George to stay at Grandma and Grandpa Miller's. The next morning they drove into Zion. Chad had made reservations so they had a camping spot. Colin and Micah were really looking forward to this! 
 The hike was a few miles in length, and they loved it all. The trail wasn't well marked, like we are accustomed to on family hikes. Instead, they followed a wash. They knew they were getting close to the campsite, but had trouble finding it as it wasn't well marked. I believe it was Colin who spotted it. Good thing, because they might have continued walking.
 Because this was over Labor Day weekend, the weather was still hot down south. Chad wisely chose the campsite close to a natural spring.
 Shade was a must. They took with them MREs for dinner.
Just look at those faces. Oh, yeah.
 The boys practiced making a lean-to with the tarp. Colin used a yucca plant he found to beat the leaf, strip the fibers, and make rope. Pretty dang cool.
Keeping cool and looking cool are not the same. But you do what you gotta do.

 The natural spring came out of an overhang of rock. There was a pretty hanging garden. They spent their time here during the heat of the day.

 They slept out under the stars. They must've been amazing. Sometime in the middle of the night, another party came traipsing over with flashlights, looking for another campsite. It was a little startling.

 We are so grateful to cousin Jason's family who loaned us the three overnight backpacks for this trip. Jason overheard Chad talking about making this trip and just offered them. Very kind!

 In the process of rope-making:

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