Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Date Night with Colin

I had wanted to surprise Colin with a date night, but he let me know that he's not much for those kinds of surprises. Of course it had to include dinner. He had worked for several hours at Chad's office scanning in documents. (He has made it clear to us that this is most tedious job imaginable and he looks forward to the day when he can pass it along to Micah.) Colin and I had a delicious pizza from Papa Johns. I had planned out a route to visit various homes in the valley which I'd found on KSL that were decked out for Halloween.
We visited about 10 homes, all of which were impressive. Each one was different, and we loved seeing the creativity that went into them. We knocked a few doors to ask the owners about their props, where the purchased items, and how they built some of them. Everyone was so kind and happy to share. One gentleman even invited us inside his home to show us his impressive mask collection. We learned there are several groups around that discuss prop making and Halloween decorations throughout the year. I immediately joined their groups on Facebook so Colin could keep up with them. Rocky Mountain Haunters apparently has some sort of get-together in the summer where they collaborate. I have told Colin that this is an amazing creative outlet, and he's really shown ingenuity in what he has made. He's passionate about it!

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