Friday, November 6, 2015

Date Night with Micah

Micah had been anticipating our date night for a while. Chad and I had announced to the kids that we were planning surprise date nights for each of them. This time around Chad would take the girls and I would take the boys. Micah tried so hard to make me spill the beans. But I wasn't having it, ha! He was thrilled when we got to Texas Roadhouse. It was his first time, and he'd been hoping to go for a while. He ordered a steak with fries and refillable soda (woohoo!). He couldn't eat it all, so we took the leftovers back home.
His surprise date was a Copper Hills High School football game. He was happy about that! He was even showing his school spirit by wearing the school colors. It was homecoming, which made it even more exciting. Besides the game, I think the highlight for him was watching the marching band. Micah knew then and there that he wanted to be a part of something like that. He was glued to the field and asked me to take a video of their performance. I love that he's looking forward to participating in band in high school. We stayed for nearly the entire game until it got to the point that we knew Copper Hills wasn't going to be able to pull off a win. We went home and he finished his leftovers. Great date! I love Micah and loved spending one on one time with my boy.

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