Sunday, November 1, 2015

Days with Dad

 Aha! Here is a day I took Matthew to a playground while Chad was at work! He was in the phase where he preferred his hair spiked up into a mohawk. One of his very favorite things to do was to run an American Ninja Warrior-like obstacle course either at a playground or in our backyard while Chad or I commentated for him. And that's what happened on this day. I held his dripping ice cream cone while he ran his course. Then he'd stop, run over, lick it, and hit the course again.
Just look at those guns. And her eyes are so pretty. She's my little superhero.
 Alan and Amber took these three to the Natural History Museum for some fun. Alan took them out to lunch. Janna had broken her toe and was supposed to keep off her feet, otherwise she would've joined them.
 Ella's selfie:
 We've had this Lagoon cup for a while. The kids like to point out that my image appears on the cup. I can't say I disagree.
 I believe Mira was helping me slice cukes for dinner. Here's one of the two of us!
 I took this on my very first day subbing. I was teaching a 4th grade class. I have enjoyed subbing. I like that every day i work is something a little different. I don't know exactly what to expect. I like that about it. For the most part, I have loved it.

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