Sunday, November 1, 2015

First Day at West Hills Middle School

 Micah had been looking forward to middle school for a while. Changing classes, more than just one teacher, lockers, and more variety at lunchtime was really enticing. Colin's schedule this year is definitely a heftier load than he's ever had before. They were ready for it!
 Now that we're several months into school I can report that Micah still enjoys middle school. He likes all of his teachers. He even stays after school many days to help a couple of them. He is not so impressed with lunch. His go-to choice is spicy chicken sandwich, pass on the fruits and veggies. We are working on that. He is doing well in all of his classes, including his advanced math class. We are really happy with all the good things he's doing!
Colin has gotten into a rhythm with school. He is focused and hardworking while there, then comes home and gets all his work done. He puts in a lot of time with his 2 AP classes. He is learning a lot.

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