Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween Fun!

 There's been a lot of preparation at our house leading up to Halloween. Colin has been dedicating nearly all his spare time to planning, buying, and building. He's earned money at his job at Chad's office. He spent several hundred dollars this year on props, besides the ones he built. Chad and I had a date at Nightmare on 13th. This isn't something I would normally pay money to do, but it just so happened that these tickets needed to be used, so I bucked up. By the time we were ready to go through, I was steeled for anything. Just as we were in the parking lot to head in, smoke starts billowing out from underneath the hood of the Sienna. And it just so happened that it was the single day we were in the middle of switching car insurances, so we couldn't get any service. After taking the car to spend the night at the mechanic's we decided to make use of our tickets and went anyway. By this time, I was not so easily startled. 
I always look forward to the Halloween parade at Fox Hollow. Ella looked pretty in her red devil dress. She had specific instructions on how her hair was to be done for this.
 Mira and Mikell looking cute. Mira was a rock star. 9She had a microphone to go with this, but I think it bothered her to wear.) The Andersons let the girls borrow these costumes, which was so generous of them!
 Because we were at the school all day, Micah, Matthew, and I ate lunch in the cafeteria. Matthew loved the country fried steak, along with the fruits and veggies (and the brownie, naturally). I noticed Micah's food choices were just what we've been battling lately: no fruits or vegetables. That boy!
 Matthew initially wanted to be Superman for Halloween. However, after realizing that the neck choked him, he opted for the comfy ninja costume. Much better. Here he is in the little afternoon kindergarten parade with his teacher, Mrs. Clegg.
 The whole class of cuties:
 Hinckley, Mikell, Mira, and Kenzie at lunch:
 We went out as a family on Friday night to check out some of the decked out homes around town. There are some amazing ones out there! Matthew liked this one the best. The guy had built all the tombstones himself, there was this moving ghost inside the crypt, there were little ghosts flying overhead, and an animatronic woman weeping at a gravesite. Very impressive!
 We were stoked the Miller cousins were coming for Halloween again this year! We love spending the holiday with them. The costumes were all on point. Theron: Maleficent, Grant: Iron Man, Kate: Rapunzel, Paige: Spiderman, Juliette: Tiana, Maggie: Sadness from Inside Out (refused to wear it, though), Rachel: Joy from Inside Out, Colin: a super scary dude of some kind, Micah: robber, Ella: beautiful devil, Mira: rock star, Matthew: ninja.
 I wish I would've got pictures of the front yard! Colin had it totally decked out. Numerous neighbors commented that Colin had done a great job. He was outside the whole time, dressed up with his fake chain saw. He'd really put a little more scare into it when older kids came by.
 The kids got quite a haul. Here they are sorting through their candy and making trades. Love being together for this!

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