Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Razzia, etc.

I can tell Matthew that he needs to spend 30 minutes reading and he will do it! It's only something I've just started doing, and I use it in order for him to do something he really wants to do like play the iPad or watch a movie. But he'll sit and go through a stack of books. I love to see it.

This girl has begged to mow the grass for quite a while. I didn't know how capable she was! She mowed the entire backyard the other day and did an amazing job!
 Chad and I were invited to a dinner for Razzia board members. We sat at a table with Sabik and Carlos Robleto (pictured below), along with Heather and Carlos Arauzo. It was so fun getting to know them better outside of soccer practice and games. Sabik's from Venezuela, Carlso R. is from Honduras, and Carlos A. is from Peru. And then Chad served a mission to Chile and Heather to Argentina. It was fascinating to learn about the differences between each of those countries. We discussed food, culture, etc.

 Jodi Barton (up at the front) is Razzia's president. She's done a great job, and it's a huge responsibility.

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