Friday, November 6, 2015

Micah's Band Concert

 We all went to support Micah at his band concert in October. I waited patiently in my seat (even though I wanted to run up, give Micah a big kiss on the cheek, and take his photo) until Mr. Neeves told all parents they could come up and get pictures. Micah could not deny me then! Matthew was such a little sweetheart, giving big brother a kiss for luck first.
 Micah warming up with Mr. Neeves in the background. He enjoys being in Mr. Neeves' class. Not only do they learn new music, but Mr. Neeves likes to talk about all sorts of things. The kids like it.

 He started out the year as last chair, then worked hard on his scales and made it to first chair. He and another boy in his class go back and forth between first chair. It's a battle they enjoy.

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