Sunday, November 1, 2015


 I didn't realize I had this picture from our McCall vacation. I french braided Ella's hair.

 We saw several deer while we were relaxing on the back deck. They came through a couple of times. Really neat to see them so close.
 Ella requested this particular hairstyle. I was chuffed at how well it turned out!
 These girls decided they're going to teach a tumbling class to kids in the neighborhood. They just went around and delivered flyers to drum up some business. Here they are working on their poster.
 Chad tries to go out with Colin to practice tennis when he can. Recently, he's taken Matthew. And Matt has turned out to be an excellent ball boy! Chad spent some time with him at the end to hit the ball.
 I drove down to the Museum of Ancient Life with the younger three to meet up with friends.
 Matthew knew without looking that this was a megalodon.
 I saw this posted somewhere and I love it. I thought to myself that I should print it up and hang it in the play room. I have yet to do that.
Cute little Matthew's soccer team. This was their last game of the fall. These kids are so fun to watch. Samantha (far right) is perpetually cold and her feet hurt. Or, at least those are her excuses for not playing, haha. Bradley (to the left of Chad's hand) has stepped up his game. Toward the end of this season, he was enthusiastic and played well. Most of these children have been with us since last year, and it's been great to enjoy out little soccer family.
 I took Mira and Matthew over to the church parking lot one day. They wanted me to record them riding around going off curbs. Mira was practicing riding split-second no hands, and Matthew was working on his wheelies. I just love the look on Mira's face here. Life doesn't get any better!
 Thank you, Ella, for capturing this moment during the women's broadcast at our stake center. The girls and I went together. I like that it's been opened to all girls ages 8 and up. They enjoyed dinner in the cultural hall beforehand.
 And Miss Ella herself.
 Aw. I love this.These two keep each other warm every night.
 Colin's been working for weeks on his Halloween decorations. This, in my opinion, is his greatest creation. I've been so impressed with his ingenuity. He hops online to find out how to create some of these. he purchased the necessary items with his own money. Isn't he gruesome?
 And the grim reaper. We have a little 2 year-old in our neighborhood who apparently loves this grim reaper. Her dad has brought her over several times to look at the yard, in particular the grim reaper. On Halloween night, I saw her leaving the house with her family. She was in tears. I thought it was because the yard was too frightening for her. But no, it's because she didn't want to leave the grim reaper!
 I received a text from Micah one afternoon, informing me that Mr. Neeves needed a sub one day coming up. Micah wanted me to take the assignment. I promised him I'd be on my best behavior and try my very best not to embarrass him. I think I was successful. The classes were great. It was fun to have him in class. He gave me the approval to sub again.
 He started taking private trumpet lessons a month ago and is really seeing some nice improvement. Trumpet seems to be something he really enjoys. I'm so glad! He spoke with Mr. Neeves about wanting to take another band class and learn the tuba. Wow!

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