Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mr. Mom

 Since I started substitute teaching a couple of months ago, Chad has taken on a new role. Grocery shopping, running errands, volunteering in the classroom, and visits to playgrounds abound.
Because Chad has every Monday off, those are guaranteed work days for me. And a guarantee that Matthew is going to visit a different playground with Dad.
 I'm always getting pictures texted to me of the fun things he's doing with them. Makes me smile.
 Matthew is getting big and strong. He's eating more of a variety of foods. And I think he watches me in CrossFit and wants to try some of those moves. (Not that I do anything that looks like the move below!)

 They went to the Curiosity Museum one day to play around. I'm sure Matt spent a good deal of time outside on this playground.
 Sandboxes are fun. This is at the Natural History Museum of Utah. They had a free day, and it worked out perfectly for his day off. One on one time is great.

 Chad likes to tell me how Matt is such a big helper at the grocery store. He's got that cart under control. No matter where Chad walks, he turns around and Matt is right at his heels with the cart. Funny! (I don't think there has been a cart-hits-heel incident as of yet.)
 Mira got to take Dad to activity days with her. It was a daddy-daughter (or grandpa/uncle/brother/friend) activity to carve pumpkins. Looks like they enjoyed themselves.
 Looks great! Even better when we put the candle in on Halloween night.
 Matthew was nominated as a Super Sailor for the assembly held at Fox Hollow. Each month every teacher nominates a student that displays one of the habits of highly effective people the school studies. This month's was "begin with the end in mind." Mrs. Clegg has only good things to say about Matthew. He's quiet in class, follows directions, and does good work.
 What a cutie. I love his face. Muah!
 We are proud of our boy. He is doing well in kindergarten.

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