Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pics, Pics, Pics

 Going through the last couple months of pictures, and there's a lot to catch up on. I'm throwing these all into one post, and will try to remember when and where they were taken. This looks to be a beautiful Sunday morning. Matthew looking studly in his tie. (I don't know that is stayed on long, thought.)
Pretty Ella in the sunshine. Just how she likes it.
 Matthew prints up the sweetest messages for Chad and me. They always say "I love you!" and they usually ask us to jump on the trampoline with him.
 Best buddies. The other night I could hear Jack crying somewhere. I came out to look, thinking he was stuck in a closet or his crate. Come to find out, he was sitting outside Matthew's room, waiting to be let in to sleep with Matthew. They sleep together every night. Matthew lets Jack lick his hands and feet to death. Matt loves to cuddle Jack. And I think Jack is happy to have a warm place to be welcomed.
 Mr. Matt
 Don't know how these pictures were taken. But it looks as though Matthew and I were in the thick of a wrestling match. And it looks like he's besting me.
 Oh, now it's my turn to do some tickling!
 Mira had a late night with Mikell. They watched a movie, had treats, did a craft. They are great friends.
Another picture from Mira's date day with Daddy. Looks like they're chowing down on the tacos. My mouth is watering.
 The Real Monarchs game. Matthew was happily slurping on a Slushie, hence the blue lips.
 Mira on the big screen with the team during the national anthem.

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