Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Where Do I Put These?" Pics

I'm thinking Chad snapped these cuties at Thanksgiving Point Gardens.
 Well, since Colin hasn't played violin since 8th grade, this must be an end-of-year concert with the orchestra. He played piano for a couple of numbers, then violin. I love to go watch these.

 Colin has a new job at Chad's work scanning in documents. It really is very helpful to the office. He quickly learned that this kind of job would drive him bonkers if he had to do it day after day. It's a nice job for a 14 year-old, but also a nice reminder that getting a job you enjoy is important! He's been grateful to have the opportunity to earn money. After tithing and mission, he's used some of his hard-earned money towards Halloween decorations.
 And one from July when Colin worked at Paul Diamond's TNT fireworks stand. He loves doing this!
This must be at Scout Camp. Not sure. But here we have Micah, Ben, and Tyler:

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