Monday, November 30, 2015

While Off-Track

 Ella, Mira, and Matthew have a humongous 4 week break. We have not been idle. In fact, Ella just said to me, "I'm not complaining of anything, but we haven't had much time around the house to just be lazy." She's right! They have a list of chores, scriptures, reading, piano, and so forth to accomplish each day (if we get to it all, that is). And we've filled our days with fun activities. Here, Ella is enjoying a moment snuggling Jack. Not too sure how he feels about it...
 Chad took them to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point with Grandma Barnett. The kids had fun riding the ponies.

 And they went on a wagon ride together.
 Spent some time at the Curiosity Museum.
 Another day I took them to the Discovery Gateway, since it was a free ZAP day. Oh, what fun!
 Look at that hair! And those smiles.
 Everyone needed a picture on the horse:

 We didn't find this spot upstairs until the very end of our visit. Matthew would have enjoyed spending more time here.
 We have taken advantage of the church gym. With it being so cold outside, they have loved being able to run, skate, and play in here. Ella has been focusing on her skateboarding skills. She has discovered she loves it!
 Matthew likes the PowerWing.

 Showing off her skills:
 Mira and Mikell have spent time together while off track. They made donuts one day at Mikell's house.
 I'm sure they were delicious!
 Blake, Maren, and the boys came for a visit for Thanksgiving week. Chad took Ella, Mira, and Matt to meet up with them in Ogden at the Treehouse Museum. I got lots of pictures of them having fun while I was at work.
 Hunter the ham with Mira:
 Lucky for Matt, there were more of these foam toys!
 I would imagine they spent a lot of time discovering this new place.
 Braden, Mira, Brody:
 Working out, Ella?
They love being with their cousins!
 Prez Matthew
 Grandma treated everyone to dinner at the Pizza Pie Caf√©. They loved it. Especially the Oreo pizza. Matthew had spaghetti, peaches, and dessert.
 Oh, and soda refills!
 While the cousins were in town, and were staying with us, we took the kids to Classic Fun Center in Sandy. Boy, that was the right choice! The foam pit was a hit, especially with Matthew. The spent a lot of time here.
 Cotton candy, baby!
 We had a "blast" in the Blast Zone. Micah and Ella aimed their guns at me and hit their target more than a few times. I got it in the head, face, booty, and body. They loved it. Matt was intent on loading up this huge gun with as many balls as I could collect for him. And Colin spent some time helping us.
 These two did a little rollerblading.
 Colin and Braden teamed up to shoot other players.
Something very exciting happened while off track, and it is that Matthew learned to tie his shoelaces. He got a new pair of shoes recently, which had laces. I was determined that he learn this skill before going back on track. What kindergarten teacher has the time or energy to retie shoes throughout the day? It had to be done. I anticipated it requiring a lot of time and instruction. But this boy picked it up quickly. He spent time working on it all by himself, and can even double knot them. He's pretty proud of himself, and well he should be.  

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