Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ella's 11th Birthday

Ella decided she wanted to take a couple of friends to Classic Fun Center for her birthday. She invited Meagan Froisland and Ryo Lyon. She says these two are a lot of fun together at school, and I think they bring out Ella's silly side. We got a pizza and soda. They played hard! The morning of her birthday, she got breakfast in bed. Always a birthday fav!
What is Ella like these days?
*She loves her long hair, and wants to try out different hairstyles. Buns, braids, curls, etc. She's game for it all. And a hairbrush is her friend. Well, except if you take into account tangles. They are her nemesis!
*Phantom of the Opera is a favorite of hers. She loves to listen to it while doing dishes, in the car...we love to sing it together. She and Mira love the 2004 movie version.
*Reading is absolutely a hobby of hers! She's recently decided she loves historical fiction. "Fever 1793" was one she loved. A couple of other books she loved were "Out of My Mind" and "Because of Mr. Terupt."
*Ella is content to spend quiet time in her room reading or playing on her own. In fact, many times she'll "escape" after school to enjoy some quiet moments.
*She looks forward to Activity Days. Sister Christy Christensen has been a wonderful leader.
*Musical Theater is a relatively new discovery for her. And she has had a great time learning whatever song and routine they're working on. We've had some discussions about how awesome it would be to participate in a school musical when she's in middle school. I can see her thriving in that environment!
*Drawing is one hobby she gets a lot of relaxation and enjoyment from. Many times I'll find her in the office, at the desk, dreaming up different pieces of art. She is guarded about sharing her creations, but whatever she shares is always great! Whatever art is done in school, Ella gives it her best effort. Her coloring and decorating and drawing is always beautiful.
*Style is something Ella cares about. In fact, for her birthday present, we did some shopping for new shoes, socks, and clothes. She knows what she likes and is a good little shopper. We actually found some great things at Kid to Kid! She was pleasantly surprised. With money she got from grandparents, she bought a cute little stuffed animal skunk.
*She loves stuffed animals. I reassure her that 11 is certainly not too old to play with toys. She's at that age between childhood and grown up. Or at least it feels that way. Hang on to childhood!
*Ella is a sensitive soul. She takes to heart words said to her.

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