Sunday, April 3, 2016


 Some after-Christmas fun discovering toys. Micah had fun with his helicopter (I'm thinking he took this photo.) And Ella was thrilled to get the Ever After High doll she'd been wishing for!
 I'm guessing we are watching "Good Mythical Morning" after my morning WOD. And, of course, Matthew is there snuggling with Jack.
 How adorable! Matt was on a Twister kick for a while. Sometimes he'd be content to let me spin the wheel while he got twisted up. But then I'd have to take my turn. His rules!
 We took an afternoon to head down to Provo to the Bean Museum. We'd never been there before, and it's been renovated recently. It was impressive, and the kids enjoyed all the stuffed animals.
 Obviously, Matthew did!
 Mira took the following pictures:

 Hanging out at home...
 When the younger three were off track, Chad had a day off and took them to the Curiosity Museum. It'd been a while since they'd been. They had a great time! I asked for pictures to be texted to me while I was at work, subbing. It was fun to see these come in.

 Even though there was snow, it looks as though they were still able to get outside and play!
 Waiting for the zipline:

 Playing with mirrors:

 Ailie and Mira always have a blast together. It usually involves pop music, make up, hair, and dress up.
 Ella likes to snuggle.
 Since these three were off track for three full weeks, we needed to have some activities to keep us busy and happy. We came up with a list that had a variety of choices. I really wanted to incorporate service in some capacity. Marnie Bussell, our neighbor, suggested Tiny Tim's, a non-profit organization which makes toy cars for underprivileged children around the world. The great thing about this place is that anyone can come volunteer for any amount of time. We love going in for an hour and screwing on the little wheels. There are retired men working machines.
 It is a perfect service opportunity for young children.
 Micah was considering selling Triss for a while. He was tired of the incessant chirping. Mira offered to buy her. And that worked until Mira moved her stuff into Ella's room. Now Matthew is the lucky new owner.
 Mom and Dad went to Texas to care for Eva while Chris and Gabby went on a trip to Hawaii. I love these pictures Gabby took of them:
 What a beautiful little girl!
 Another fun off-track activity! Classic Fun Center. Each of the kids invited a friend. Matthew invited Monte Conforto the first time and Spencer Hind the second time, Mira had Mikell, and Ella had Cassidy. We packed a lunch and the kids played hard! They had tokens, roller skate rentals, and
 Cute friends!
 Having a good time.
 Loving the candy...
 One thing the girls wanted to do was invite a friend over while off-track. Mira had Maya come over one day. They had a lot of fun together!
 The girls and Colin had their piano recital at Day Murray Music. This was to be Ella's last piano recital for the forseeable future. She was going to be starting voice lessons. (Very excited about that!) Colin actually was not intending to participate in the recital. His piece was long and difficult and wasn't up to his snuff by this point. I was so grateful when, at the end of the recital, Denise asked Colin if he would play whatever he was able to. He went for it, and it was awesome. Ella, Mira, and Colin all performed really well. What a fun evening!
 Get ready world: teenager on the way!
 Ice skating was on our list of things to do, too. And Matthew was not going to let me forget about it. He'd been hounding me for months about the next time we'd go. The girls love to go, too. So we had 2 hours at the Oval skating around.

 Ella's feet were getting a little tired. Looks like Matthew was ready to go home and sleep!
 Another trip to Tiny Tim's! I enjoyed sitting across from John Peter (in the blue and black striped shirt). He had interested life stories to share. He's legally blind, but finds a lot of joy in doing what he can to serve.
 Retirees hard at work!

 Colin enjoys a game of chess. And Matthew had been asking to learn, so Colin took time to teach him the rules. We thought it was funny when Matthew named two of his pieces "Bishop Pearce" and "Bishop Sutton!"
 Here's our other fun day at Classic Fun Center. Matt and Spencer Hind:
 Matt surprised us all when he did a backflip off of the foam pit ledge!
 Got a phone call from Doug one Saturday morning. He wanted to bring the kids to come play. We took them to the Sierra Newbold playground and then out for Smith's FREE ice cream cones. Fun day!

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