Monday, August 8, 2016


 I hope our children realize how lucky they are to have a father whose dedication is 100% for our family. He asked Ella if she'd like to join him for a date. He told her she had to let him open all the doors for her. She agreed. They went to eat at Arctic Circle and then to an RSL game. Just look at her cute face.

 Working hard on filling boxes for the food drive!

 Starting to pile up perishables on top of the craft table to keep them safe.
 Our sweet neighbor, Lisa Daughtry, works for Costco and contacted us about these 188 cereal boxes that needed a home. She wanted to let us take them down to Montezuma Creek. We were so touched.
 And this is after we've emptied the collection boxes from the grocery stores. People are so generous!
 It was exciting for our whole family to watch these boxes get filled and start to pile up.
 Micah was invited by Sam Binns to come to his birthday party to talk to the kids about Building Youth Around the World, as well as his project.
 He was nervous to present in front of his peers, of course, but he did a great job!
 We are so grateful to Sam for hosting this party to help Micah's project. What a handsome couple of fine young men!

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