Thursday, August 18, 2016


 This post will be all about Colin. Ninth grade has had its ups and down. But I'm pleased to say that springtime was most excellent. Colin made it on the varsity tennis team, which was such a wonderful experience. He so enjoyed the workouts with his teammates and coaches. His doubles partner, senior Evan, was a great one. He was easy-going and funny. Colin had such a great time with him.
Chad and I made a point of getting back from southern Utah in time for Copper Hill's match against West Jordan High School. Colin and Evan were a strong team. They were well matched against the opposing team. The scores were close, but these two pulled off a win for Copper Hills! It was very exciting, and I'm so glad we were able to be there for it.
 And I just love these great pictures I was able to get. What a great guy Colin is!
 At the end of the season, the players and parents were invited to dinner at Coach David Pack's home. Awards were given out. I believe Colin got "most competitive," which would be accurate! Here is Coach Kate Christensen giving him his award:

 Colin and Coach Kate:
 With the team. What a great group of guys!

 With Coach Christensen and Coach Pack. Colin especially enjoyed working with Coach Pack. He's a tennis expert and has been instrumental in helping the boys improve overall. Colin says it's like Coach Pack is speaking from a script with the way he is so deliberate in what he says. Hope he continues with CHHS!
 Chad and Colin went out to Bucca di Beppo's for a humongous ice cream for Colin's birthday.
 Lots of big things happening for Colin, which is why springtime has been so phenomenal. Colin not only passed his AP exams in Human Geography and Environmental Science, but he got a 4 in E.S. and a 5 in H.G.! We were absolutely chuffed! He worked so hard all year long in those classes. He spent hours and hours studying. Those scores were well-earned.
 Colin also got his learner's permit. What a stud. Funny thing is, though, that he really didn't think he was prepared to take the test because there were so many things he still didn't know. I reassured him that a lot of his learning would come as he gained experience through driving. So he went for it. And now we try to let him drive at any opportunity that he can. He's doing great!
 So fun to watch this guy do his thing.
 He has a strong serve, and I am fascinated when I watch him. Each movement is purposeful.
 And we go through lots of shoes.
 We got to pull a fast one on Colin. I'd planned a surprise party for his 15th birthday. It took some doing, but I was able to get numbers for teammates and friends from school. Colin had no idea it was coming. I'd told him I was taking all this stuff over to the church for Young Women's girls camp. Little did he know! Look at all these cute kids who came to celebrate his birthday.
 We had music, glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces, and an LED volleyball, which they played in the dark gym. They looked like they were having a great time!

 Doesn't that look awesome?
 So grateful for good kids that Colin gets to have as friends!

 This guy is working year-round on Halloween. He's always got a project in mind, and has something he's working on either in the garage, backyard, or craft table. Or all three. He's learning some great skills through doing this. And he's had some help from YouTube and Isaac Jensen, a man who lives in Daybreak, who responded to Colin's inquiry about making his own haunted house.
 I love that smile as he helps his brother with his Eagle Scout project.
So Colin these days is like this:

*Loves to sleep in! He has been known to sleep until after 11:00! Does NOT wake up to an alarm clock.
*Has declared that Halloween has trumped the 4th of July as his favorite holiday
*Is happy and less stressed
*Likes to tease his siblings
*Is a very cautious driver
*Likes to stay up late hanging out with friends, watching a movie or a show
*Is a conscientious worker; he does whatever job he's assigned well
*Is just about passing Chad up in height
*Wears a size 12 shoe
*Loves Seminary
*Is excited to go to CHHS this year; says the teachers seem cool
*Loves style and cares about what he wears

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