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May was a busy month with concerts, performances, games, and outings. Chad likes to make his days off productive. If the kids are off track, he'll try to do something fun with them. In fact, Matthew has told me that whenever Dad is home, they do fun things (as compared to when it's just plain ol' Mom--haha).Here they are at Thanksgiving Point:

Micah had an end-of-year band concert. He's loved being part of band and playing the trumpet this year. He's taken a break from trumpet over the summer. Braces has been the big excuse. But he's going to have to figure out how to play with braces as soon as school starts back up!

 Mira's soccer team. They had a great season!
 And Micah got fitted for braces. Doesn't this look yummy?
 Pretty Ella. Won't be long before this girl is 12 and goes to Young Women!
 As part of her 3rd grade project, Mira was supposed to chose a person from history. She really had her hopes set on Sacajawea, but she was already spoken for. After a lot of thought and discussion, she chose Maria Tallchief, which ended up teaching both of us a lot. 
 At school, all the 3rd graders participated in a wax museum where they recited something about their person.
 Mira was next to Mikell, who was J. K. Rowling.
 The PTA put on the 5k fun run. The weather held off just long enough for the running. It was pretty iffy the whole afternoon. This was a big production for the PTA, and one of the last events before I would be president. I was starting to feel a little intimidated.
 So glad my kids have nice friends! (Mikell and Kenzie Gardner, Hinckley and Taylor VanOrden, London and Saylor Woodside)
Kids surround Melinda in order to choose a book.
 For the first time, Ella played on a rec volleyball team. She was happy to be on the same team as her friend, Ryo Lyon, whose mom, Teresa, was coach.
 She had a lot of fun and learned some good skills. Love that smile!
 Amy and I finally took the opportunity to meet up for lunch. It was nice to catch up.
 Being silly during down time at work?
 I try to make off-track time worthwhile. We go to Tiny Tim's once a week for an hour. This time, we invited the Gardners to join us.
 These two were happy to have a new job: tracing the shapes of cars in preparation for them to be cut out.
 I was downstairs listening to Mira play. Looks like she was being silly.
 Tennis has been such a positive thing in Colin's life this year! So grateful he had this experience. He's really enjoyed it.
 One of the things I've most appreciated about being in the PTA is the associations I make with the other women. They are great ladies, and I've learned from them and been inspired to be a little better. Niki George, me, Melinda Gardner, Joey Brough, and Mary Anderson:
 Melinda, Niki, and me during one of our break out sessions.
 The final game of the season was a nail-biter! Both teams played well. Mira worked hard.
 Mira's classmate, Britton, was on the opposing team. His mom took this cute picture:
 Ella took a musical theater class this year, which she enjoyed. They had 2 different performances. Here they are, practicing for their final performance from Rock of Ages: We're Not Gonna Take It/We Built This City.
 Here are a couple of oldies but goodies! Rachel came across these and sent them my way. They were so little!

 I love that these cousins all love being together.
 Dad snapped this picture of Jack. It's the best one we have of him!
 Melinda and I met up at Red Butte Garden. It was our first time there. What a beautiful place! There were so many flowers, trees, bushes that tickled our senses. The kids loved it, too. Especially since they got to do it with friends.
 We had a nice picnic lunch as soon as we arrived. It was a warm day, but the shade was perfect.

 One volunteer gave us a tour of one of the gardens and showed the kids different herbs and veggies, and encouraged them to try some. That made it fun!
 We didn't know there was a little splash area there. It didn't take long for everyone to get in.
 It sure felt good on that hot day.
 There was a lot to keep kids entertained: a playground, climbing structures, etc. Matthew loved these newts/salamanders.

 Strike a pose, girls!

 Group photo!
 Gorgeous wisteria.

 We lucked out when one employee offered to take us on a tour in the cart. We were able to make our way through the entire garden before it was time to leave. We got to see things we wouldn't have had a chance to otherwise.

 Another day, I took the kids to the Discovery Gateway. Matthew typically gets caught up
 The pinewood derby-like lego racetrack was a whole lotta fun for Mr. Matthew.
 These three made flying things out of paper to put in a large tube with air shooting up out of it.
 When it was lunchtime, we ventured outside to the fountain. Our intentions were to return to the Children's Museum, but they had so much fun here, we ended up staying so they could play in the fountain and do tumbling.

 And I treated them to a humongous shave ice, which thrilled them!
 They made short work of it.
 I'm thinking this is a picture Dad took and sent. :)
 Playing around:
 Good girl doing her jobs.
 Mira and Mikell performed their routines at the end-of-year Synergy showcase. Mira has definitely learned new skills. She can now do a standing tuck and front aerial. Pretty cool!
 We like to see Ella happy.
 And Ella's end-of-year showcase with her musical theater class was lots of fun to watch. She got all rocked out along with her class.

 With her whole class:
 I think she was excited to do this thing!
 Halloween is a year-round event for Colin. He is planning, researching, purchasing, and building throughout the year. We were so thankful to get to know Isaac, a gentleman who ran his own Haunted House in Daybreak. Colin got in touch with him to get ideas and learn how to build things. Isaac has been invaluable as Colin's go-to person with Halloween.
I decided to try something new with swim lessons this year. I'd heard from a friend about Susan Bills, who has taught lessons from her home for 30 years. It was a great choice because Matthew and the girls were pushed and learned so much. They loved lessons!
 Matthew likes to get a little play time at the park after his lesson.

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