Monday, August 8, 2016

More of April

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 #lit. I'm not supposed to say anything more. But I will. Micah's favorite word these days is lit. Chad has nicknames him "hashtag lit." 
 Mom and Dad's lovely home in St. George.
 Matthew's favorite thing to do is easily playing the iPad. I mistakenly stepped on it at one point. Over time, it's started to have more and more problems until it was no longer usable. I think it's been a blessing in disguise.
 We used to set the timer for an hour. When it went off, he would have trouble being happy. But now we don't have that problem so much.
 And there's cute Ella, reading with Jack.
 Dad got this picture while Matthew was having a team cheer. Such adorable little people!
 He's been having fun with his teammates this season. I think, now that they're all a little older, they interact with each other more. And sometimes that means they're a little rambunctious, tackling each other and being silly.
 Watching Mira's game.
 It's been so fun to watch Mira play with her Razzia team. She's the one Chad likes to have do the throw-ins because she's got good strength to give it distance, and she's accurate. She also beats the boys when they have a short-distance running race.

 There's the throw-in!
 Not sure why this is out of place, but I'm guessing I didn't have it when I posted about Mira's baptism. This must be one Grandma and Grandpa had and sent to me later. Sweet!

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