Monday, November 28, 2016

End of School and Start of Summer

 I received a card in the mail informing me that Colin would be receiving some sort of award from West Hills Middle School. We were excited to find out what it would be.
 All these great kids were called up for their outstanding achievement in math, dance, art, language arts, etc. Colin was chosen by Mr. Watkins as the outstanding student of the year in Geography. That was wonderful! He had worked so hard the entire year. Mr. Watkins had remarked to me before that Colin was a great student--asked provocative questions, participated, and studied hard. All true! Congratulations, Colin!
 Here is Matthew with his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Clegg. She was a wonderful teacher, and Matthew did very well in her class. He easily passed (and excelled) all the benchmark tests.
 On the day of his sixth birthday, he lost his first tooth. Now that's memorable!
 We said we would always remember that. This tooth had been bothering him, making it hard to eat. This particular day, Matthew and Chad were on the trampoline and Matthew let Dad have a look at the tooth and wiggle it around. Out it came! He was a happy boy. I pulled out the second one easy-peasy soon after.
 These three cuties had planned to do a tumbling routine for the end-of-year (3rd grade) talent show. They spent time working on it. The few days leading up to the performance, they didn't get to practice together and Mira got cold feet. She decided she didn't want to do it. I was at work that day and tried to convince her to give it a go. Once she got to school Melinda spoke with her and convinced her to do it. Sweet Melinda ran over to our house to pick up everything Mira needed. They were able to go on stage and pull it off. So thankful for these friends Mira has and for Mama friends!
 The 9th grade had Lagoon day. Colin wanted to be sure to get up there before the bus did, so I agreed to drive him and his friends. Look at those handsome fellas.
 We went to Marriot-Slaterville to see Paige be baptized. It was a beautiful day.
 Theron is my girl.
 We love these people!
 Our whole group. Uncle Danny joined us. (Aunt Geri had driven to California to get some emergency medical tests.)
 Don't we look like a nice, happy family? This was 5 minutes before I accidentally slammed Mira's fingers in the car door. She was sitting in the back seat of the van with her hand reaching up behind her in the hinge of the trunk. I didn't know and slammed the trunk closed. Poor girl!
 Chad and I love going to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for the West Jordan Youth Soccer luncheon. It's catered and always delicious.
 Here are the boys, working hard to get down the curb painting technique.
 Whenever we go to Target, getting up on the red balls is irresistible. It's not a question of "if".
 And a picture must be taken. That's what they tell me.
 In all combinations.

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