Thursday, November 3, 2016


We all went to the movie theater--yes, the REAL movie theater. What sweet new seats Jordan Landing has. So comfortable I nodded off during Jungle Book. 
At Fox Hollow we had a fundraiser for Bobbi Loosli, our lovely head secretary, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. There was a dinner, face painting, etc. It was a great night and we were happy to support Bobbi.
 Matthew patiently waited in a very long line for our awesome Amy Boehme who dedicated her face painting talents for this cause. He was happy with the results!

 Happy hearts after a fun evening doing something small to show our love for Bobbi.
 Mom and Dad went to watch Mira's class do a little performance since I was working. Dad got this cute picture of these friends. Hinckley, London, Mikell, Mira, and Kyrie.
 We heard about a chalk festival at the Murray Park Church that had fun games and activities for the kids. We went to check it out. Got there at the tail end of bbq hot dogs. The kids decorated cookies (Matthew went nuts with the toppings upon toppings!), played games, and listened to someone play guitar and sing. It was a nice diversion on a hot day. And the church was so kind as to open their doors to the public.
 Mira as C-3PO
 Colin and Micah were desperate to earn money over the summer. I called around, trying to find something he could do. Unfortunately, no one hires 15 year-olds or 13 year-olds, for that matter. We were pretty disappointed about that because Colin is able-bodied and capable of doing just about anything. His hope was to teach tennis at one of the rec centers, but 16 is the minimum age. After thinking about different possibilities: window washing, yardwork, etc., I suggested painting house numbers on curbs. Colin and Micah agreed to go in on this venture together. I got in touch with a young man who had done it as an eagle project and got some tips from him. Colin did some research online. The materials weren't very pricey, so he decided to give it a go. It was trickier than anticipated! They first practiced on spare wood in the backyard and soon discovered how easily the pain runs and it takes a lot of touch up. They did our curb and it was a little frustrating. They practiced a few different techniques before we thought they'd be ready to try it out on someone else's house. Colin offered to paint Darla Wilson's curb for free as a way to get more practice. That time was better. It still required patience and touching up, but it was a more streamlined process. They were ready to go out and look for business. Several neighbors agreed to let them come paint numbers for them for $15 each. Colin did it for another friend of mine who lives near Fox Hollow. They went door-to-door and were able to get more houses. They worked for what they earned, but they were able to make money. I think Colin is looking forward to next summer when he can teach tennis. For the school year, he got a job working as a sweeper at Copper Hills. It's perfect because he can stay right after school each day for 2 hours and he loves the paycheck he gets each month--usually around $300. Micah may decide to apply for a sweeper position once he turns 14. I'm encouraging him because I think it would be good for him to have something productive to do. He doesn't like that it would require him to work every Friday after school because it interferes with time he could spend with friends.
 Micah got braces! I think he looks great in them. They haven't really been a problem other than making trumpet and tuba-playing more difficult. It's hard to press up against your lips and mouthpiece when braces are in the way.
 Mira was invited to Hinckley's one day and they decorated shirts for 4th of July. Cute girls!
 Working in the PTA has been a neat way to make new friends and associations. I enjoyed serving as the president-elect under Melinda Gardner. This day we were performing "Happy" by Pharrell as a reward for the kids. Other grades and staff did other lip synchs. It was so fun watching them and performing. The 6th graders went wild when we ended our routine with a human pyramid! L-R: Natasha Woodside, myself, Melinda Gardner, Melissa Canning, Joey Brough, and Ruth Dixon.

 Mira and her team got to go to an RSL game with her team. She and Chad have a good time together.
 Field day fun!


Another picture from their talent show. 

I love getting the pictures texted to me.
 Lining up to go onto the field with other Razzia players:
 "Okay, I'll wave 'hi' for the picture."
 I love this girl. She is so fun.

 Micah went with some friends to the store. Looks like they discovered the masks!
 I love Micah and Matthew's relationship. They snuggle together and tell each other they love one another.

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