Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Matthew's 6th Birthday

 I was away at girls camp when Matthew turned 6. Chad promised me he would make sure it was awesome. The other kids helped by decorating for him. He had fun gifts for him to open.
 I got to talk to him later in the day when I drove with some other ladies to a spot outside of our camp where we had reception. Matthew had been happily jumping on the tramp. We spoke for just a couple of minutes and then he was ready to take off and have more fun. It put my mother's heart at ease knowing he was having a wonderful day.
 I love that they took such good care of him.
I knew the girls would be sure to make his birthday extra special...and they did!
 What a silly boy.
Matthew's friend birthday party was so fun! We had it in the backyard. He invited a bunch of friends from school and church. We had sprinklers on under the tramp, the slip 'n' slide, snow cones, and popcorn. It was a perfect day. His little friends were adorable.  Micah said that it would have been his dream birthday party at that age. Here are Alyssa and Phoenix Badger, Bentley Bushman, Monte Conforto, Sammy Aguero, and Kyle Harris:
 Matthew, having a great ol' time!
 We had the sprinkler under the tramp, the pool, slip 'n' slide, and water balloons. That's all they needed to have fun!
 Ella was a champ, working the snow cone machine and serving up the kids.
 It was a hot day, excellent for an outdoor water party!
 Micah helped out with the popcorn. The friends certainly enjoyed this!
 Water balloon fight!
Tiger's blood, cotton candy, or blue raspberry?  Decisions, decisions.
 What cuties! Alex Thitshao, Bentley Bushman, Phoenix Badger, Kyle Harris, Matthew, Alyssa Badger, Monte Conforto, Ella, Ryder, Sammy Aguero, Sawyer Bell, Mira, Micah.

Matthew now:
*He sleeps every night with his two teddy bears: Teddy and Teddette.
*He also sleeps with Jack.
*Food choices are now much broader than they once were. He enjoys meats and soups. Casseroles he'll tolerate, but doesn't appreciate his food being mixed together. Blueberries are still a favorite.
*His teachers tell me he is an ideal student. He is respectful, is a good worker, and gets along with others.
*Basketball, tennis, and soccer are his favorite sports, he tells me.
*Favorite books are Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Bad Kitty, Frog and Toad, and Dr. Seuss. (Being the youngest siblings means you grow up faster than the other kids did at the same age.)
*Apart from recess and lunch, Matthew says math is his favorite subject.
*He is not shy about saying things in French. He loves to count things out loud in French, and show me new words he is learning.
*Friends he loves to play with: Phoenix and Alyssa Badger, Kyle Harris, Braxton Henrie (who moved months ago), Sammy Aguero.
*When playing around at home, Matthew loves to jump on the tramp, jump off the tree onto the tramp, ride bikes, jump rope, and run. He tells me he needs to get out his energy.
*Running seems to be a strength of his. Recently, he ran with Chad, Mira, and me. We ran 2 miles, and he kept pace with Chad the entire time. I was so impressed! So many times he'll want to run home from a friend's house, the mailbox, church, etc.
*Matthew's typical jobs around the house are: taking Jack for walks, emptying the dishwasher, taking out garbages, cleaning his room, etc.
*While still 5 years old, Matthew loved reading the Book of Mormon. He was fun to watch because he would super-speed scan "read" the pages. But he would sit down and take the time to be in the scriptures. He was proud when he could say he got to Alma. Many time we sat down together to read a page.
*Minecraft is a favorite! He normally gets about an hour. Turning off the computer after Minecraft is hard for him, but he tries to be agreeable so he can play again another day.

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