Saturday, November 26, 2016

Scout Camp

Chad took the scouts to Bear Lake Aquatics Base Camp this year. The camp lasted from Monday through Saturday. I stayed until Thursday, which was definitely long enough for me. One day Bishop Pearce and I left camp and got Chocolate Raspberry Shakes at Le Beaus. I "had" to get one on the way home on Thursday also. 

When we first got there, we all had to do a swim check in the cold water. Some of the boys had a harder time getting in the water to do the swim check.

Micah, getting ready to enter the water for the swim check.
Micah just finished. No problem.

Small boat sailing merit badge class.
More merit badges.
Hanging out at the pavilion at our campsite.
Standing in line waiting for breakfast. Whichever troop volunteered the say the prayer was first in line to eat. Our scouts volunteered a lot. The troop, who was the loudest and most enthusiastic during song time while waiting, went to the second in line to eat. Let's just say our troop never went second. 
Small boat sailing.

I'm not sure what technique Micah is working on here. I don't think this technique was discussed in the classwork section of the merit badge.
I think Tyler has a question :)

These boys stayed up too late last night.

I mentioned to those in charge that having the classwork portion in the sun without shade was a bad idea. I wouldn't want to sit out in the sun for 2 hours.

Tyler has another question :)
Looks like they all have a question.

Some people just have too many questions.

Maybe, their fingers are stuck in that position
Doing a service project. And as you can guess not one scout complained about that. 

I don't think there was enough food served at each meal to adequate meet the caloric needs of 12-13 year old boys being physically active during the day and being in the sun. It wasn't enough for a grown man, for sure. Most meals did not include both a fruit and a vegetable. The meals were not meeting the requirements of the food guide pyramid. Each day in the morning, there was a meeting for Scoutmasters. Each day there were complaints about how small the meals were. Most of the boys went to the soda machines or the trading posts to buy junk food to prevent being too hungry. Micah (and me too) spent quite a bit of money at the trading post. 

For the Canoeing merit badge, the scouts had to swamp their canoes and bring them back to shore. 

At the daily flag ceremony.

We had a patriotic campfire with a flag retiring ceremony where we got to see the proper procedure for retiring (burning) the American Flag.
Before Scout Camp started, I asked each parent to write a letter to their son. These letters were shared at a fireside we had this evening. Mike Palou asked the boys to write a letter to their parents in return. We ordered pizza that night also. 


Probably the only picture without someone's finger up. The boys are getting ready for the rifle shooting merit badge. They will need their index finger extended for this one. 

Micah shooting.

I knew that index finger would be good for something.

Getting ready for the wilderness survival overnighter. Each of the boys participated (although not all of them wanted to). They hiked about a mile to the top of a mountain and spend the night in a shelter they prepared or out under the stars. Apparently, it was pretty crowded up there. A lot of boys in a small space. 

This is where we waited for meals and were supposed to participate with the staff in songs, etc. I guess it is not cool to participate in these songs if you are 12-13 years old and live in the west side of West Jordan, more specifically the Cobble Creek 2nd Ward. It was still considered cool to sing with boys from other areas of Utah, though :)

Rifle Shooting was probably the favorite Merit Badge. 

At our campsite. 

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