Saturday, November 26, 2016

Uncle Dale's Cabin

Uncle Dale (Dad Barnett's brother) and Aunt Pat have a pretty little cabin in the Uintah Mountains in Wyoming which they've been telling us we need to come visit. They built it several years ago, with the help of Dad Barnett. When we learned they got running water, we were excited to go--haha!
What a beautiful spot they have! They let us use anything they had--four-wheelers, their 4x4, canoe, fishing gear, etc. It was such a treat for our family. We all especially loved four wheeling in the mountains and exploring the area. The kids thought it was amazing to be able to drive these. Matthew had a complete blast!
Before going, Chad planned to take Colin and Micah on an overnight backpacking trip. He decided to include Matthew on this one, too. They learned of a good spot where the hiking would be good for Matthew. He was thrilled to be a part of this group. The boys and Chad carried everything he would need. He had a little pack he took along that held his stuffed bear.
I think Matthew was the center of attention. The boys were so good to show him an awesome time on this overnighter.

It was a pretty spot with lots of aspens.
Chad told Matthew he'd teach him to start the campfire. How exciting!
There was a lesson on the proper kindling needed.

And how to strike a match so as not to burn fingers.

He did it!
 The start of an adventure!
 Those are some happy boys.

 What a pretty little campsite.
 I'm sure having a pond right here made the camping trip even better for Matthew.
Micah and Colin were such awesome big brothers. They knew how excited Matthew was to go on this backpacking trip. They made it special for him.
 If I could zoom in on Matthew's face here, that smile says it all!

 Enjoying some hot chocolate:
I think this is a burn Micah got either at scout camp or swimming some other time, but we didn't want him to get burned any more, so we made sure he wore a shirt while at the cabin. That burn hurt!
The sleeping arrangements were awesome! We were surprised to see all these bunkbeds upstairs. Everyone was able to have their own bed. They were stoked! Grandma and Grandpa slept in the bedroom downstairs, and Aunt Amber was in the loft over the garage.
We played some games, which was relaxing.
The meals were split up so that we took turns preparing the meals.
They caught a little frog up on the hill behind the cabin.
Oh what fun exploring!
I caught a few quiet moments on my own. I made sure to apply bug spray first because there were plenty of mosquitos.
There's the cabin from the hammock:
And four-wheeling fun!

Everyone had lots of turns.
It's a neat way to see the scenery.
Matthew's face says it all.
He felt like a stud driving.
Ella, stealing away some quiet time.
Load 'em up!
The weather was beautiful. There was one day of some rain, but other than that, gorgeous.
We took the canoe to a lake and paddled around.

We brought the four-wheelers and found an perfect spot right by the lake where we could tool around. There was a big mudspot the kids had a blast splashing through. Amber and Matthew are heading there...
Micah found a bow and arrows at the cabin and was excited to try them out. He brought them when we went to the lake to fish.
It took patience to learn the technique. Micah laughed at my weird casting technique that I made "work" until I learned the proper way.
For a while we weren't having a whole lot of luck. But we had Oreos, so...
Matthew liked being able to fish.
Mira was sure to get some selfies.
Micah's teaching an unwilling student.  (Me.)

Colin, hoping to get a bite.
Ella, bravely hooking the worm. Good job, Ella!
Nice cast, Micah!
Micah and I took a drive away from fishing for a bit. I won't bring up the incident where we nearly tipped over.
This was gorgeous country!
Colin enjoys speed.
Heading out together...
Yay! We caught some!
It began raining, and that's when the fish really started to bite. Apparently, that's good fishing weather. Who knew? Well, someone did. But it wasn't us. Until now.
I caught mine!
Yum! We took them home and fried them up a couple weeks later.
Mira is all smiles on the ride!
Micah in interested in learning to gut fish.
Lots of rides...
Chad and I took advantage of a little time to get out on our own and explore. The kids stayed home and watched movies. They watched quite a few movies on this trip. I think they loved it!
Grandma reading Matthew books:
Rummaging around in the kitchen. We had plenty of food!
Someone took a lot of pictures around the cabin...
The side of the cabin that is up against the hill. The kids liked to go up the hill to have adventures.

We made campfire cones over this campfire and read campfire stories. Fun!
Those are some happy faces. We are so grateful to Uncle Dale and Aunt Pat for so generously allowing us to enjoy their beautiful cabin and all their toys. And we are grateful to Grandma and Grandpa for showing us around up there and helping us.
Last drive before we go home.
We wrote a big "thank you" to Uncle Dale and Aunt Pat.

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