Friday, December 16, 2016


 I walked into the lunch room with the class I was subbing one day and this is the beautiful girl I saw working in the lunch room: 

She was hard at work scraping those trays.
 For YW combined mutual, we went to the Humanitarian Center for a tour and to do a service project. For the project, we filled hygiene kits. It was a lot of fun being with this first group:
 And the other lovely ladies hard at work:

 Last year we didn't ever turn on our fireplace. I was sure not to make that mistake this year. Plus, I knew how much it would be enjoyed. I could picture in my mind's eye Ella cozying up by the fire with a book, just in heaven. And that's pretty much how it's been for Ella, Mira, and Matthew. What a lovely scene:
 Ella had some money she'd earned from babysitting. She really wanted an ugly Christmas sweater to wear to school and for parties.
She spent $24 on this cute sweater:
 Mira and Matthew wanted to wear their own ugly Christmas sweaters to school, too. Their funds were more--ahem--limited. So I pulled out some little Christmas crafts and they picked out sweaters to decorate. They looked pretty cute!
We are less than two weeks away from Christmas! I'm almost finished shopping (except for parents because they're the hardest!). Matthew and Mira have gone shopping. Ella, Micah, and Colin still need to buy things for their siblings. The tree was admittedly kind of pathetic-looking until I added a few more strands of bright red and white lights and also some red ribbon to the tree. Then Ella declared it Christmas-worthy.

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