Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ella in Snow White

Ella did something that made me proud. She tried out for a musical. She's been taking voice lessons from Erin Worland, and Erin says she has a beautiful voice. Friends of ours, the Confortos, participate in a lot of community plays and musicals. Natalie Conforto told me about this children's production. I talked to Ella about giving it a go. She went in to a room with a few adult strangers, read a part and sang for them. I know she must have been awfully nervous. But she did it! And she got the part of Happy the dwarf. She had such a great time going to rehearsals and preparing for the show. Here she is at the end of one show:
 When our whole family went to watch, we got a kick out of some of the kids. Monte Conforto cracked us up. He would be on stage and look out at us and make funny faces. Then he pointed the stick right at Matthew (being silly) as he walked by us during the show.
Ella's classmate and friend, Bella, played the part of Snow White.
 Here are the dwards (Ella in yellow) digging in the mine:
 And mourning over Snow White:

 The cast:

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