Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fifth Spring Hike

I'd heard about this cool place with hot springs called Fifth Spring and decided to plan a fun day hike there with the younger three who were off track. We invited Sheryl Smith, Lilian, Malcolm, and the Ancians (Mira and Matthew's French teachers who live in Sheryl's basement). 
It was definitely a toasty day, and being in water sounded nice. (I wasn't sure that warm water was the ticket, but whatever.) The hike was, thankfully, in the shade of trees for most of the trip, which made it much more pleasant.
 We enjoyed walking alongside this stream. As we got closer, there was a more distinct sulfurous odor.
 Lots of green growing along these banks.
 The ground was rocky and hot, so we were careful to tread near water.
 The springs were definitely warm. Not exactly refreshing for summertime. I'd think an autumn outing would be wonderful. I know a lot of people snowshoe in during winter.
 Sheryl and Malcolm:

 The water higher up by the waterfall was especially hot. Too hot for some to tolerate standing in.

 My girls and me.
Doing some exploring:
 Heading out, Matthew tripped and fell. Good ol' Dad carried him out most of the way.

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