Sunday, December 11, 2016

Friends and Fun

I love that Mira has these awesome built-in friends through Razzia soccer. They love being together. Chad's struggle is getting them to focus on practicing soccer for most of the time rather than chase each other around and talk.
Ella got her first babysitting gig. She got to watch a couple of cuties from our ward. It was convenient for a first-timer because it was in our home and I was there to help. She did a great job! And it's nice for her to have a way to earn her own money. She loved that!
 Keeping the girls entertained.
 What a good babysitter and sweet girl.
 The kids all took the girls out for a walk.
 We were at Old Navy and Mira was thinking about buying this top, so we took a picture so she could see how it fit.
 Most of our date nights over the past couple of year have probably been to RSL games.
 So-o, we were in the backyard playing around, playing catch with a softball. Colin threw it to Mira before he registered that she wasn't looking. She took the ball right to the eye. Oh, boy! It was super painful. We are so grateful Heavenly Father constructed our bodies so that our eyes are protected by surrounding bone! The progression of Mira's black eye:
 She says she hated being stared at while sitting in the school office one day. 2nd graders couldn't take their eyes off her. She says she felt like a monster.
 The swelling went down some, but then the purple started to set in.
 Matthew lost a tooth!
Colin's first day of 10th grade:
Micah's first day of 8th grade:
Poor girl! As we went out, we had questions about what happened to Mira. Even several months after this happened, she still has a small bump under her eye that hasn't gone away and is tender to the touch.
I found out about 3 stack pancakes for $1 each. The kids thought this was pretty awesome. I made sure to leave a good tip since we only ordered that and pancakes. And the kids say we never take them out to eat...haha!

These goofballs look like they're having fun. They were on their way to a movie for Shaden's birthday. Pictured below: Micah, Caleb Anglin, Tyler Harris, Nate Pearce, Shaden Reusch, Jackson Pearce.
Mira and Mikell had a race when Mira was invited to a friendly competition between Mikell's team and Kenzie's  (Mikell's sister's) team.
Someone organized a playdate with all the French students at Sierra Newbold. It was good to see kids and moms outside of school to play and visit.
Chad and I gave ourselves a fun date hike to Lake Blanche. That hike was no joke. It was a sustained uphill climb for several miles. We kept thinking it would taper off at some point. But it just kept climbing. Chad let us pause long enough to take this quick selfie. Daylight was waning, and he was concerned about it getting dark soon.
It was pristine and gorgeous at the top. The sun was starting to dip below the mountains, and we didn't stay up there too long.
We saw two moose out in the meadow.
Heading down, we were definitely in a hurry. The light started dimming quickly. We jogged when there weren't too many rocks jutting out in the path, and walked when there were. It always seems the way down is so much faster than the way up. But this time, hiking down mostly in the dark, it felt very long. Thank goodness for flashlights on cell phones.

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