Wednesday, December 14, 2016


 We had a little celebration for Chad's 40th birthday. Both of our birthdays always fall right on or next to General Conference weekend. So it's typically an intimate celebration at home for our family. I gave him a few choices for his birthday treat. His eyes lit up at "peanut butter brownies." Matthew offered to add the sprinkles.
 We love you! Thank you for all you do to provide for our family, direct, teach, support, love, counsel, encourage, ...and make sure we get places on time!
Another example of his selfless service: coaching! Matthew loves having him as coach. It's a good time watching a child's soccer game. Now that they're getting a little older, there is more interaction between the players. Matthew and Grey (front left) would sure get silly sometimes and Chad would have to round them up and get them back on task.
 Our adorable, lovable Matthew (with the summertime tan!):

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