Friday, December 16, 2016


There was a lot of build up and activity leading up to Halloween. Colin is working on Halloween all year long in some fashion. Our kind neighbors (who just moved to Coalville), Sophie and Scott Rice had a large garden in their backyard with lots of pumpkins. Sophie invited us over to pick some. The kids chose a few of the humongous ones, and a few smaller pumpkins. Carving ensued. It is so much easier to carve pumpkins this year! In years past, carving pumpkins was a big production that required both Chad and me to furiously scoop out guts, help design the outline, and either carve or be backup for when carving went awry.

This year, these three did nearly everything themselves. Even Matthew only needed minimal help with the carving.
Fox Hollow celebrated Halloween a few days early on a Friday (because it's just easier on the teachers). Mira was a nerd, Matthew a pirate, and Ella a rock star. They found their costumes from the dress up closet and borrowed pieces from siblings. I only purchased a couple of items: nerdy glasses with tape around the middle for Mira, and gloves and microphone for Ella. Matthew requested that I sew this parrot onto his vest shoulder so he'd look like an authentic pirate. Man, I love these three!

 Doug really touched my heart when he made the effort to come up two different times with a few of the kids before Halloween to help Colin get his haunted house ready. Then they all came up, along with Mom and Dad, to be with us for Halloween night. We love this tradition!
 I have been so impressed with Colin's ingenuity, persistence, unfailing dedication and planning that he has given. It is a passion of his. He has learned some great skills by looking things up online, checking out books from the library, and working alongside Isaac Jensen.
 He recruited some neighborhood friends to help. They were enthusiastic.
 These are good kids. One of the biggest challenges Colin said he had with the haunted house was not the props or anything like that. It was managing the group of volunteers. 13, 14, and 15 year-olds have lots of energy and sometimes their own ideas about how to go about doing things. But Colin couldn't have run the haunted house without them!
 This is the picture I took to advertise of KSL and on several Facebook group pages. We just wanted to have a great turnout so Colin would feel his efforts were worthwhile. And we did have a great turnout!
 Many people from the neighborhood came through and we had people from other parts come because they'd learned about it on KSL or Facebook. Some of my sweet friends made the effort to bring their kids to go through it. Lots of giggly girls went through numerous times.
 Spooky fun!
 Our new next-door neighbors, the Mortons, supported Colin. Erin, Anja, and Britney came through. Courtney helped in the haunted house some.
 Halloween costumes for adults can be a bit of a challenge. I decided on old folks and informed Chad. He went along with it willingly. Our kids got a kick out of it.
 The whole group (minus Theron and Maggie, it looks like).
 Then it was time to sort through the trick-or-treating stash. Exchanges were made and gifts were given.

 Matthew was lots of fun to be with. He wanted to be sure we hit every single house in our neighborhood. He was happy with his results.
 The hat and droopy parrot make this picture.
 In the light, the haunted house doesn't look like much. In fact, the progression of it was impressive to me, but it wasn't until the lights were turned out that it really came to life.
 This clown was one prop (among many) that Colin created.
He started taking over the garage. He and Chad were able to start really putting things up in the garage while the rest of us were in Santa Cruz.
This structure was the "big deal" in the haunted house because of how it would allow scarers to be inside, moving around to different points to scare people as they walked around.

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