Friday, December 2, 2016

Heber Valley Girls Camp

I received an unexpected call to be assistant director for our stake young women camp at Heber Valley. I got to work with some really terrific women. Below pictured: Toni Van der Wekken (director), Brooke Gatten (stake YW president), Marianne DeWitt (stake YW secretary), Julie Weir (cook), and Ruth Pastorius (stake YW counselor). It was a different perspective for me, serving in this capacity. I was a part of the planning process and saw how much thought and effort was put into this by Toni and our stake YW leaders. And rooming with them was so much fun. Brooke has so much energy, she was really fun to get to know. There was not a whole lot of sitting around doing nothing except for late at night. And I loved visiting with these ladies.
One evening each ward was supposed to put together a skit and present it to everyone. The stake needed to come up with something. Here is the "rap" we came up with. It was inspired by the "rap" I remember from Camp Keola in California. Some older girls came up with it and performed it for us one night. I still remember it, "Weeell, Camp Keola is the place to be with cockroaches, snakes and the bear family. Here's the place where you can have some fun. If you like our rap, you've gotta be dumb!"
We discovered some fairy homes previous girls had made. I took pictures of them, thinking it might give Ella and Mira some fun ideas.

Heber Valley Camp is in such a beautiful location. The church owns lots of property up there. In fact, one of the missionaries told us that part of the temple video was filmed up here. They have a ropes course that the girls were able to experience. I tried to get a picture of each girl in my ward as she went on the zipline. Alaia Aguero:
Kaia Nielson:
Adalyn Allen:
Mallory Davis:
Natalie Badger:
Ashlee Johnston:
Ashley Skowronek:
Paris Everett:
Karson Hardy:
Macy Judd:

Emily Harville:
Natalie Johnston:
Shay Reusch:
Alexa Anglin:
Savannah Cameron:
Chastity Mayo:
Julia Skowronek:
Marianne DeWitt:

The views were spectacular. I caught a couple of sunsets when a few of us leaders drove to the entrance of Heber Valley in order to get reception to call home. What a peaceful place.
I was in charge of the 5 mile hike. The trail is well maintained by missionaries there. Some of them are called specifically to tasks such as this. There were signs along the trail marking which way to go. They have a great trail system with lots of places to go. I ended up in the back of the pack with a few girls from the Spanish-speaking 5th ward. I promised them a mint for every 10-15 minutes they hiked without stopping. It's amazing how well that worked!
Our 2nd ward:
Not sure which ward:

6th ward:
11th ward:

 I was able to spend some time with my own ward. We played some games, visited, and had good food.
 Bishop Sutton and other priesthood leaders came up for the evening. We ended the day with a testimony meeting. The girls had fun teasing Bishop a little. I took this picture to send to Shelly Sutton.
 Morning flag ceremony and devotional with everyone in camp:
 My big assignment was to head up the service project. I picked up quilts from the Humanitarian Center, gathered all materials we would need, borrowed quilt frames from members of teh stake, and "learned" how to tie quilts. This was a challenging task for me, as I had only helped tie quilts a couple of times before. I didn't know how to set one up on a frame. I instructed the groups in the accepted technique used by the Humanitarian Center. I am so grateful for stake leaders who had my back, especially Marianne DeWitt. She was with me nearly the entire time. It was such a relief! One of the sister missionaries came and helped me set up the first quilt with some instruction, which was wonderful and I so appreciated. We finished 5 quilts total. After camp, I called around the stake, looking for people who would be willing to finish the edges. I was thrilled when I got back all the quilts and was able to drop them off at the Humanitarian Center! Whew!!
 Katelyn Western and Miranda Hardle in our cabin:
 Here we are, geared up to go on the ropes course.
 Some of the younger leaders helped assemble the troops for songs. They did great!
 Cute Isabel Krebs and Brooke Gatten out on a canoe. Loved these two!

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