Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Micah's Eagle Court of Honor

 Sweet Bobbi Anderson offered to take Micah and Kobe for a photo session in preparation for their joint Court of Honor.

 It was bright!

 Nope! Not gonna happen.

 These make me smile. Kobe has always impressed me as a kind, respectful young man.

We ended up going with this one to be framed:
I may be biased, but I think I can say with certainty that Micah is a handsome teenager! Darla Wilson is such a special person for our family. I first got to know her through Visiting Teaching when we first moved in. However, she has become more than just someone I go visit once a month. She has figuratively put an arm around Micah. She has had him do different jobs at her home as a way for him to earn money. It's like she knows exactly what he's thinking. She finds things she needs done that he can help her with so that he can have an income. She is patient when he forgets to come, and she looks out for him. We just love her. I'm so glad she could join us for this special occasion.
 Bobbi put together this really great display. It was so kind of her to include both boys in the displays.
 Their respective tables show what they did for their projects. (Kobe made blankets for kids and teens in the hospital.)
 As for the refreshments, I had to giggle to myself as each boy had something different they wanted. Kobe wanted donuts. Micah wanted...well, at first just soda. But then we changed it to root beer floats. Both were well received!

 Mike, Kobe, and Bobbi Anderson:
 Putting Micah's pin on him:
 Micah receives his scarf:

 The conclusion of all that hard work. It was a wonderful night to recognize Micah and look back on all that was done for the people of Montezuma Creek. So proud of Micah's hard work.
The whole group! I was so grateful to see both sets of grandparents, Rachel and the cousins (Doug was out of town for work), and Aunt Geri and Uncle Danny.

 I turned around and saw this and thought we were in the movie "Up."

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